How Tranmere Rovers used Stream Time to increase fan engagement

August 29, 2017

Trevor, one of our co-founders is a life long Tranmere Rovers fan. His frustration at missing their live streams was actually the inspiration behind starting Stream Time. So when it came to finding our first broadcast partner, it was a perfect match.

Before Stream Time

Tranmere Rovers online strategy includes live streaming video content for their fans enjoyment. Before Stream Time, their scheduling only involved posts to their Facebook page which for followers can get lost in the noise even if it gets past Facebook’s news feed algorithm.

Tranmere Rovers on Stream Time

In May 2017, in the run up to their playoff final game at Wembley, Tranmere adopted Stream Time to schedule their live content. Their upcoming broadcasts were added to the Stream Time app with titles, imagery and descriptions as well as the all important time, date and streaming platform.

In addition to posting out Stream Time links via social media, they also embedded our free widget into their website displaying their live stream schedule.

The Results

Why scheduling is so important

It's simple - if your viewers don't know when you're going live, you are leaving it to chance that they can drop everything to watch your broadcast (if they see your notification as it comes through).

The flip side is an informed follower who checks their Stream Time schedule and gets notifications when you schedule a broadcast. They can then plan your broadcast into their day and even set a reminder to be sure. Informed followers means higher viewing figures.

Getting started with Stream Time

It's easy to get setup on Stream Time by downloading our free app for iOS.

If you do not have access to an iOS device, contact us and we'll create an account for you. You'll then be able to use our web app to manage your schedules.

We've also put together a Getting Started guide to walk you through the process.

Book a demonstration

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