It's Nearly Stream Time!

May 15, 2017

Our vision for Stream Time is to become the go-to place for live streaming; being the first to offer scheduling and discovery for all major platforms such as Facebook Live and Periscope. We’re excited to provide you with this update on our progress.

iOS application

We see our mobile application as the heart of Stream Time, being the gateway to a better live streaming experience for users and broadcasters. Since the start of the year we’ve been busy turning our idea into a fully functional mobile application - there’s nothing quite like receiving those early builds and seeing your product come to life. 

We are now in the final phases of development and will start beta testing shortly (beta signup on our homepage). Don’t worry Android users, we will be launching in the Play Store later this year.

Beyond mobile - web widgets

In February we began a six month program with Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg. In our very first session we identified additional focal points for Stream Time’s product roadmap, one of these being to offer website widgets similar to Twitter’s own embeddable timelines. 

And so we built them! Launching alongside our mobile app will be two types of website widget:

• ‘User Schedule’ widget - to embed a broadcaster’s streaming schedule directly onto any website.

• ‘Featured’ widget - for publishers to embed within articles, featuring upcoming live streams from popular and interesting broadcasters.

These widgets will be key to extending Stream Time’s reach beyond our mobile app, but more importantly they will provide broadcasters with a simple and effective solution to keeping their online audiences informed about upcoming live streams. We can’t wait to get these live.

Our web app

Stream Time aims to make creating streaming schedules as easy as possible and for as many as possible. To help broadcasters, we are building a website application for users to create and manage schedules with ease. Eventually this web app will become a full-featured mirror of our mobile application.

We love broadcasters

We are looking for forward-thinking broadcasters to partner with us and get setup on Stream Time as early adopters. In return we are offering prime positioning within our featured content as well as long term benefits. Get in touch to chat further.

We love investors too

Stream Time is ripe and ready for seed funding. As you can see from this update, we’ve got a great product lineup and a firm strategy in place. We’re also looking forward to exhibiting and pitching at Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon this November. If you’d like to chat more, get in touch.

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