Meet the founders - our Stream Time story

August 31, 2017

Trevor Evans

Trevor has always been interested in the use of technology to streamline processes. This drove him to study Computing Science and Business Management at University. From here he has worked in sales, consultancy and product management roles. He is a big sports fan, and pays close attention to how sport is digitising, both on and off the pitch, as it focuses on fan engagement.

Joel Freeborn

Based in East London, Joel has used his background in product design to shape Stream Time’s user experience and visual approach. His previous experience includes work for Premier League, Travelex and Red C Mobile. He loves all things relating to design and tech which means he is religiously checking out Product Hunt and Dribbble.

How did we meet?

We previously worked together at a mobile development agency in the heart of ‘Tech City’ Shoreditch, London. Over the course of three years, we provided digital solutions for the likes of Aston Martin, NHS and Publicitas (now Newbase). This experience was to prove valuable for our own development of Stream Time, turning designs into launch-ready products within only five months.

How did the idea come about?

Like many great products, Stream Time was founded to solve a problem encountered personally by one of it’s founders. For us, it was Trev’s frustration at missing live video streams especially those of the football team he follows, Tranmere Rovers (who actually became Stream Time’s first broadcast partner).

How did we build Stream Time?

In late 2016, we successfully applied for the Next Media Accelerator (NMA) in Hamburg with only a basic pitch deck and a Marvel prototype but this was enough for them to recognise the potential in Stream Time. This gave us the investment we needed to build our range of Stream Time products including our iOS app, web app and website widgets.

Being based between London and Hamburg has meant lots of flights but we’ve also made the most of amazing applications such as Slack that make remote working a possibility. Our development team (eKreative) are based in Ukraine and they’ve done a great job helping us get to where we are now.

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