The Power of Now: Live Streaming Means The Whole World is Watching

March 28, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Millions head to Google and type in ‘how to watch’ followed by their international moment of choice. Whether it’s a rugby superfan biting their nails over a Six Nations fixture or a curling enthusiast tuning into the Winter Olympics, we all want front row seats and we want them now. It’s not just sports events that draw the dedicated — you will know at least one person who pulled an Oscars’ all-nighter, ready with the champagne at 3am, shouting that their favourite ‘was robbed’.

Whilst this season used to be all about accessing dodgy streaming sites and praying that you wouldn’t download a virus, live streaming has flipped that on its head. We are connected as a global community and broadcasters actually want people to be accessing their content as it happens.

One of the most exciting things about live streaming is its potential to incorporate new tech. NBC allowed its app users to actually be rink-side in South Korea by live streaming over 50 hours of its Olympics coverage in VR. But this combination is not new for 2018. Facebook added live streaming features to VR app Spaces last summer and we wait to see which platforms will be next to catch on. The possibilities for live streaming are as endless as the developments in tech.

And it’s not just scheduled annual or quadrennial events that are bringing us together. Last month the world watched with bated breath as Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy, the earth’s most powerful rocket, blasted heavenwards from its Florida launch-pad. Live streaming is the advance of technology allowing us to witness the advance of technology! It inspires the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs and entertainers, immersing us into new cultures at key moments and showing us the limitlessness of human potential.

And we don’t have to be Elon Musk to unlock the power of live streaming. It’s not rocket science to see how it’s the digital marketing tool of the future. If 82% of web users would rather watch a brand’s live video than glance at its social media posts, then why are companies still so slow on the uptake? 100 million internet users watch live video on a regular day, meaning a captive audience is awaiting any company that cares to capitalise on it. Live streaming creates that personal B2C connection all brands are chasing so it doesn’t make sense for any to ignore it.

Every event now has the potential to secure international engagement thanks to live streaming. Brands that not only want to keep up but keep ahead will embrace it and attract the eyes of the world. Live streaming is tired marketing’s new hope.

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